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Thank you for visiting. I’m Gina. I’m 95 percent vegan because I decided to add eggs to my diet (pasture-raised only) for health reasons after 16 years of being 100 percent vegan. So, in other words, I’m veggan. Besides eggs, my diet is totally plant-based but I wanted to share my story and (mostly vegan) recipes with you. I also wanted to provide a space for veggans looking for inspiration.

I’m from NY and my family is Italian, but my fiance is Turkish and I’ve been experimenting with lots of different cuisines over the years (Indian, Peruvian, Thai) — so there will be a lot of unique, yummy recipes to enjoy. Though I now (mindfully and respectfully) eat eggs, animal welfare is at the heart of everything I publish.

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I’m Gina. I am a stargazing, river-loving, New York Italian girl who lives in San Diego with my hilarious fiancé Mehmet. I have been vegan since 2004 and added occasional, pasture-raised eggs in 2020. I love cooking vegan meals, writing poetry, meditating and wandering aimlessly through this mystic reality. By day I am a professional copywriter and by night i’m a professional lucid dreamer.

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